Hustle Smarter is a first of its kind entresition (enterpreneur + transition) course and competition designed to transform street hustlers into social entrepreneurs. 

Created by a successful social entrepreneur and former street hustler, Hustle Smarter provides specialized training for the more than 1.2 million pre-trial defendants, returning citizens, and non-violent and drug offenders who aspire to become successful business owners after incarceration.

For kids growing up in the hood, the most influential figure of success in their community is not the pro-athlete, the megachurch pastor, the small business owner or even the famous rapper. It’s the Street Hustler who is accessible every day and who represents the fastest way out of poverty. We must change this!


Sign Up for Hustle Smarter
 Hustle Smarter is uploaded onto the prison or jail kiosk making courses available to the entire prison population statewide and nationally.
Download Course
Street Hustlers and Participants then download the course on their tablets to complete on their own time and pace.
Participants Level Up
Only one course module is accessible at a time. Completion of a module moves participants to the next one.
Hustle Competition
 Upon completion of each module, participants’ scores are tallied and then ranked among other participants.
Motivating Incentives
Participants earn Hustle Cash based on performance and speed. Hustle Cash can be redeemed for sponsorship prizes upon completion of

the course. (Prize Examples: Canteen Voucher, Apparel Package, Exclusive Courses)

Earn Certificate + Start Up Grant
Upon completion of the course, participants are awarded a digital certificate of completion and a digital grant voucher between $500 and $2500 to launch their business upon release.
Innovation + Growth
Qualifying participants also become eligible to compete in the annual Hustle Smarter Business Pitch Competition for additional investment.
“During my time in Hustle Smarter, I’ve uncovered my purpose in life, how badly I wanted to succeed, my talents, and how to conceptualize and apply my hustle – a strategic plan to reach my goals in the shortest time to each of these principles, what I am truly passionate about and capable of. Damon’s heart for his community and entrepreneurship and experience both in street knowledge and business development took me from a street hustler to a confident business owner and visionary.”
Sebastian Sergio

Untold Truth Studios

I had the privilege to meet Damon the founder of Inc. to Inc. and the creator of Hustle Smarter while incarcerated. When we met, I was already an aspiring entrepreneur with plans to become a business owner, but meeting Damon filled the missing pieces by accelerating my knowledge of business in so many areas, most importantly how to take my preexisting street hustle skills and use them in legal business. This gave me the additional confidence and know how to pursue business ownership.
Cedric Scott

Text to Write

PATH to Success

The Language

Suited 4 Success

Hustle Innovation

Restoration & De-escalation

More Courses Coming Soon

Want to help us change lives and the future of our communities?

We are working to raise $500,000 to develop Hustler Smarter Entresition Prep into a cutting edge online educational course and competition that’s accessible to the justice impacted and incarcerated population.