Inc. to Inc. envisions a country that first provides access to innovative educational alternatives to incarceration and also to provide the same access to the imprisoned.

Our Story

Inc. to Inc. is a faith and character-based non-profit organization that equips currently and formerly incarcerated program participants with the skills and tools needed to become productive and committed employees, business owners, and community members. Inc. to Inc. was created by Damon Thrash while serving a twenty-year prison sentence for trafficking cocaine. While doing his time Damon watched as brilliant and gifted men were released from prison only to return a short time later. Due to a lack of relatable and effective personal development and educational courses along with limited opportunities in the impoverished communities, these men would go back to the only thing they knew “Hustling on the block.” Coming from a similar background and community Damon had a strong desire to solve this problem and to change his life and the lives of other drug offenders.  After a lot of studying and preparation Inc.to Inc. Entresition Services was born. Inc. to Inc. plans to operate its core program, Hustle Smarter Entresition Prep in three Florida prisons, local jails and re-entry facilities (where nearly 50% of our program participants will be released to Hillsborough County). 

Leadership Team

The Inc. to Inc. leadership team understands what it means to grow up with limited opportunities, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, only to accomplish what some deemed impossible. They’ve dedicated their lives to making sure impossible dreams become reality by advocating for the power of a Second Chance.

Damon Thrash

Damon Thrash


Damon Thrash is the Founder/President of Inc. to Inc. Entresition Services and its initial proof of concept. At the height of the Crack epidemic, Damon grew up in an extremely impoverished and dangerous housing project in Pensacola, Florida. At the age of nine Damon was introduced to the fast money of illicit drug sales. Fourteen years later, during what most would consider an extremely successful run in the drug game, Damon was abruptly arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison for trafficking and distribution of cocaine. While serving his time Damon realized that there would be no opportunity for a second chance to positively change his life and the lives of others unless he created one. Through his renewed faith, passion for entrepreneurship and rebuilding his community Inc. to Inc. and Hustle Smarter was born. 

Alexis Brown

Alexis Brown

Senior Program Manager

Alexis Brown is the Senior Program Manager of Inc. to Inc. Entresition Services and she truly believes in the work that this organization is doing in the lives of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals. Alexis believes that everyone deserves a second chance to make a first impression, and that is the heart of what Inc. to Inc. seeks to do. Alexis is currently an M.B.A candidate at the University of South Florida, where she also holds a B.S in Business Administration. Alexis is using the critical business skills she is acquiring in her program such as managerial decision making and business analytics to help Inc. to Inc carry out its mission.

We Want You!

We Want You!

Program Coordinator

Our Partners

Inc. to Inc.’s community and service partners are dedicated to supporting second chances via Inc. to Inc.’s Hustle Smarter entresition prep and outreach programs. As a valued Community and/or Service partner they donate time, money and resources to further the Inc. to Inc. mission and vision to provide an alternative to incarceration. This alternative comes in the form of innovative educational opportunities for current and formerly incarcerated individuals, their families, and the community.

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Hustle with enthusiasm, as though you are hustling for GOD rather than people. (Ephesians 6:7, Inc. to Inc. Translation)

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